I get the impression that some people on this list are not really
interested in getting 2.4 out. Otherwise we wouldn't be discussing so
many things that are unrelated to the 2.4 release. Can we perhaps try to
concentrate everyone's efforts on the next release? I would really like
to iron out the remaining bits and get it out.

That said, Adrian, you volunteered to coordinate the effort of looking
over the brushes to ship with 2.4. I haven't heard anything about that
since then. Can we at least get the proposed VBR brushes in, please?

Raphael, what about your status bar message changes that are supposed to
go in under the string freeze? And what are the plans for the metadata

I will try to prepare a 2.3.14 release over the next days. But that
shouldn't keep anyone from working on the tree and committing fixes.


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