On 1/19/07, Raphaël Quinet wrote:

> I am done with some of the 2.4 bugs, but I think that it will take
> too much time to implement the missing features: finish the
> conversion from and to EXIF, add the conversion from and to IPTC,
> finish the widget re-organization, add descriptions and help
> messages for all XMP/EXIF/IPTC values that can be set from the GUI.
> Also, adding/replacing the support for metadata in all file
> plug-ins will require some changes in the GUI of these plug-ins.

Out of curiosity, are you planning to use Exiv2 for that? Exiv2 seems
to slowly obsolete libexif these days, because it reads/writes both
EXIF and IPTC (IIM). It's already used by UFRaw, digiKam and

The next version will most likely feature i18n support, and since
support for XMP/EXIF/IPTC in GIMP means showing all those variables
translated, reducing overhead for translators would be awesome.
Exiv2.pot has over 1000 messages, so you might guess how much work it
would be for GIMP translators, if they did it alone... ;-)

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