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> Hi,
> it's probably about time that we start to plan some details and to book
> flights for this year's Libre Graphics Meeting.

Dear GIMP team!

I'd like to post a few info here for the benefits of all travellers to LGM.

1. I know the website of LGM is outdated. I expect things to be 
straightened up in the coming days. :)

2. Meanwhile, the Create wiki has been updated :

3. Visa. Please review the VISA info as it might apply to some of you 
when travelling to Canada.

4. Rooms. We have dealt a LGM special price on rooms at the Student 
Residences of the uni hosting the LGM. All info is on the wiki. What has 
guided me is to allow LGM participants and especially the devel teams to 
be together most of the time (remember we only have 3 days), have 
internet access and enough room to organize meetings. All that into a 
calm environment. The residences are on the site of the LGM at less than 
5 minutes from the main auditorium. Arrival date : May 3 (Conference 
starts on May 4). We may be able to arrange things if you want to arrive 
earlier. Please let me know.

And we also want to avoid getting people lost in the city (Montreal is a 
North American city, quite extended...) and taking up most of their time 
getting from their hotel to the LGM site and back. I have made a 
reservation on 50 Single rooms + 5 Cosy Suites (with large bed) and 
there are lots more room there if needed. On each other floor of the 
residence people have access to a Salon that can hold a good 10 to 12 
people meeting and we also have access to another 3 large rooms for 
meetings with more than 20 persons at a time.

5. Sponsorship. I am deeply concerned by sponsorship. We have to be able 
to help people get to the LGM. So far, I am still waiting on 
confirmation but sponsors have shown clear interest in helping us again 
this year. It's a matter of time until we know for sure the exact amount 
we going to get from the sponsors. Please stay tuned. I will post the 
info as soon as I have something to say.

6. LGM speakers. I would appreciate that people interested in making a 
talk at LGM show up on the Create wiki. Some people have contacted me 
early by e-mail. Please fill the wiki as well. This is the only sure way 
to help me put the schedule together. Also, if you know someone that 
would be a good speaker, don't hesitate to propose his/her name. And 
don't forget the subject suggestions as well.

7. LGM Brochure (see wiki for details) : we'd like to have each project 
described. Cédric Gemy should be able to take care of the GIMP's 
description and maybe more. At the same time, if anyone on this list has 
high res images created with GIMP that we could use to show what the 
program can do, please contact me off list. We don't need that many 
images but since we're distributed in the graphic designers magazine, 
the higher the level the better the effect, imo.

8. If anyone has a question or comment or suggestion, please don't 
hesitate to get back to me.

Hope to see you again at LGM2 and of course meet new people!


> As far as I know there is supposed to be sponsoring for participants
> from conference sponsors. We are also in the lucky position that quite
> some money has accumulated from donations. Only recently we have
> received a single donation of $5,000.
> That should allow us to get all active contributors together in Montreal
> this May. So who is planning to come? It looks like large parts of the
> website have not been updated yet. It would probably be a good idea to
> change that. We will need a list of participants and the Wiki
> ( might be a good place for
> that.
> Any volunteer for coordinating the GIMP participation to the conference?
> Sven
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