Sven Neumann wrote:
> There are a few things that we probably should address:
> (1) We might need a way to override this behaviour. Under certain
> circumstances it might be useful to have multiple instances of GIMP
> running. A command-line option could be added to enforce this.

I agree: from a translator point of view I would find useful the 
capability of launching two GIMP instances with different locales (from 
two terminals with a properly set LANG environment variable)

> (2) What should happen if gimp is already runnning and gimp is launched
> again but with no files or URIs on the command-line? IMO it would be
> best if gimp exported a method to the bus that allows the toolbox to be
> raised. Instead of launching a second instance, we could just raise the
> first one then. Does that make sense?

Yes. Would this behaviour cope also with an instance running in a 
workspace not currently displayed ?

> (3) Should gimp-remote still be built and installed even if the d-bus
> functionality is built into the gimp exectuable? The patch currently
> doesn't change this, it just removes the reference to gimp-remote from
> the gimp.desktop file.

IMHO yes.

Alessandro Falappa
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