There's some time I wanted to contribute to a free software project and now
I am diving in the code of gimp. I find it quite difficult to know where to
start with.

One thing that surprised me is the lack of comments in the code. I am used
to have at least one comment per function and one for each file explaining
what goes there and what it does.

I don't know if this is a question of style, but I think it would make
things easier for new people aiming to help.

I thought in putting comments in the code as I achieve to understanding
functions and files, and submitting them as patche. I want to know if you
think it is a good idea or it would be a useless task, or if there is some
reason for leaving things as they are now.

I also want to use this occasion to ask advice in where to start reading and
taking familiarity with the gimp code.

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