In the Colorize dialog (2.2 and 2.4), the Lightness slider runs from
-100 to 100 but in HSV/HSL luminosity runs from 0 to 100.  Is this a bug
in the dialog or does Lightness not really mean Luminosity in this
dialog (or do I misunderstand the range for Luminosity)?  I didn't
notice anything in the Bug db for it.

HSL is supposed to define a double hexcone where the vertical axis runs
from black at one apex to white at the other, so maybe -100 to 100 makes
sense, except I'm not sure what 0 lightness represents in that case.  

Anyway, somebody asked me about this today and I didn't know the answer.

FYI, the online docs say the values run from 0-100 for this slider's
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