Anton Slesarev wrote:

> I would like to improve performance or quality of image processing 
> algorithms.  
> Try to describe some specific targets. [...]

Hi Anton,

I think all of these are good ideas, to varying degrees.

If you would like to do some of these things for SoC, it would
be a good strategy to start doing things now if it is possible.
Last year we got 10 times more applications than we could accept,
and we found that our greatest difficulty was to tell the
difference between people who had good ideas, and people who
could actually implement those ideas and work effectively with
the GIMP development system.  To settle that question before
the applications come in would give you a great advantage.  Of
course there would still not be any quarantee.

If you can, please visit the #gimp channel on for
more discussion.

  -- Bill

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