On 03/09/2007 12:22:31 PM, Alexandre Prokoudine wrote:
> > > For example, when you create a collage, you often use several
> > > semi-transparent layers and adjust one to another, e.g. by
> > > interactive
> > > scaling. But when you start dragging nodes with a Scale tool, a
> > > transparent layer under transformation becomes opaque, until you
> > > finish this transformation. This is quite annoying, because you
> > > have
> > > to finish transformation, look, if you did it right, then adjust
> > > once
> > > again, finish, look, adjust, finish .... and so on until you are
> > > happy. This is very counterproductive.

You might have a look at these bug reports:


I wrote a patch for the 1st one to add a slider for preview opacity  
which allows one to temporarily use a different opacity for the layer  
being transformed. The original layer stays there behind the previewed  
transform. Sometimes this is good, and sometimes this is annoying (the  
second bug above). If it's in the way, the normal layer opacity can be  
dragged to 0, leaving only the temporarily transparent preview visible.

I've been using my patch for several months now, and I personally find  
it really handy.

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