I really would like to add my point of view to this discussion, sorry
for messing up threading (I had daily digests until just now)

I understand the reply was not in any way meant to be offensive mitch,
but I, as I have stated before on IRC, also think that not very rarely
replies to people who might want to contribute to GIMP has been a bit
too rude.

I really can't possibly see why it would be sane to reply to someone
that asks how GIMP works that "look it up for yourself".

We have used computer for decades, of course we could look this up for
an to us unknown project in a couple of minutes.

But that is not relevant, what is relevant is to atract as many people
as possible to the GIMP developers, and we will not succeed if we answer
questions with "look it up for yourself".

Some come with the argument "well we don't want to answer stupid
questions". Fine, you don't have to, but why do you have to act in a way
that risks scaring possible new contributors away?

GIMP is a widely used piece of software, if one compares to other pieces
of FLOSS, there are often many more contributors at other, similar
projects. Doesn't anyone find that strange?

I can relate to my self, my first experiences with the GIMP devs were
very rude, I was trying to help and came to the IRC channel to ask a
couple of questions and getting acquinted with the people there, only to
find out that I was being called "stupid" (yes, that was the word). That
almost made me think "fuck the GIMP devs", well I actually did think
that way because I didnt give a shit for a couple of months, until I
decided to give it another go.

Basicaly the main reason I contribute to GIMP is because of GIMP, and
not because I felt I was wanted, now that I have doing a bit of work I
notice a GREAT difference in the way I am treated, if new people were
treated in the same way, I think we would have made great progress at
getting new contributors.

I really think it is sad that there isn't more active contributors,
because to me that shows the rudeness have been going on for quite a
while, otherwise there would be far more contributors. This last
paragraph is of course just guessing...

  Martin Nordholts

> On Mon, 2007-03-19 at 23:35 -0300, Joao S. O. Bueno Calligaris wrote:
>> It is not really hard - and that is to you Mitch, you Sven, you Nomis, 
>> to simply rememebr the person on the other sidee is sitll a human 
>> being, is not it? Not less human for having less abilities to 
>> compile/hack complicated software projects, much less for simply not 
>> knowing how to do so.
> Come on, that is simply a rude accusation. Definitely more rude than
> giving a small "check for yourself" to a question that clearly shows
> that the person did not do the slightest bit of work by itself.
> I don't see the point in answering questions that are *trivial* for
> *everybody* to answer themselves, regardless of abilities or
> experience.
> Yet each time such questions come up, somebody steps forward and
> answers them. That is simply no help at all for the person who
> asked the question. A "you can find out yourself trivially"
> is infinitely more helpful than doing the people's work for
> them.
> whatever...
> --mitch
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