I don't think that comparing projects will give us a lot insight. It
seems pretty clear to me that the main problem in GIMP development is
our long development cycle. This makes users believe that the project
would be stagnant and it takes a lot of fun out of the development. If
someone contributes a new feature it takes years before it reaches our
user base. And we are also going through long periods where we are more
or less feature frozen. That keeps us from accepting contributions such
as for example the Deskew plug-in which has been announced here

On the other hand we have very high quality standards and that is also
acknowledged. If we release something as stable, than it is really quite
stable and polished. Bug reports are handled very fast, serious problems
are usually fixed in at most a few days.

It remains to be seen if we can acomplish shorter development cycles and
still provide high quality software with a backward compatible API.


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