Hi everyone,

i just thought i would report my sucess of building Gimp on mac OS X with 
native GTK+ port by Imendio 

Screenshot: http://img402.imageshack.us/my.php?image=gimpxct0.jpg

Right now things are working rather well. There a few visual glitches and 
menus and spinners sometimes don't work - but overall it is usable. Not 
ready to be used by users, however. and almost impossible to package and 
distribute until the gtk mac team work on distribution.

Overall the process was not too hard, i however had to change a makefile at 
one point. The one located in /app/Makefile contains a line 'munix = 
-Wl,-rpath '-Wl,$$ORIGIN/../lib'' - this line is incompatible with mac OS X 
because it uses Apple's ld, not GNU's. I just made munix empty and 
everything built fine. Do you think makefiles can be adapted to be 
cross-platform or do you support only linux?

Finally, i thought it might be a good idea to set up a wiki page where i'd 
write the build steps i followed so that other people don't have to do as 
much research and trial-and-error.


PS: I might be interested about doing some code development on linux as well 
possibly - maybe after i've spent a few months studying the code ;) I'm not 
very quick at getting into such big projects

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