Dear all,

It was suggested on the gimp-web mailing list that we could provide direct 
to binary packages for popular platforms such as Windows or Mac, based on user 
agent detection. The link would be provide from the home page - see for a taster. I liked the proposal (presuming reliable 
packages for 2.4 are made available) and can provide the necessary code.

Sven indicated that this idea has already been considered and rejected by the 
team and that I should bring it up for discussion here before proceeding any 

My argument for including one-click downloads would be ease-of-use primarily 
Mac and Windows users; I don't see the benefit for Linux users as we would 
probably want to install stable Gimp through our package managers.

Please note that the proposal is not necessarily for hosting binaries on the 
gimp website but for providing deep links to the binaries from the website.

If anyone has any issues with this proposal please raise them here. If I don't 
get any replies to this post I'll presume there are no objections. :)

David Marrs
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