Sorry Bill,
I didn't want to bother everyone with the detailed specs of our project, just 
hoping for the URL of a few places to search for GIMP developers for hire.

Essentially, we want to be able to provide our users a free basic image 
manipulation application that does what they need it to do, without 
overwhelming them with additional functionality of GIMP.
Again, I think GIMP is a remarkable application, but when I try to get our 
users to work with it, they simply give up. What we are looking for is a way to 
essentially 'comment out' a lot of the functionality of GIMP and narrow it down 
to just functions specific to the needs of our application.  Our users know a 
lot about history, but know very little about manipulating digital images.  
Most image manipulation software simply overwhelms them and they end up 
providing us with images that will not work for our needs.

If you, or any other developer would like more detailed information on what we 
are looking for, please let me know where to send it and I'll get it off to you 
straight away.

Thank you so much for your response!

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>I'm not sure if I am approaching this in the correct way, but we are a 
>organization looking for developers fluent with the GIMP programming language 
>create a customized version of GIMP.


>So would anyone be able to point me in the right direction to find a list of 
>experienced companies/developers capable of this task?


  There aren't any companies that do GIMP development-for-hire, and the
developers capable of it pretty much all read this list.  It would be a
lot easier to give a meaningful response to your question if you could
clarify what the "simpler needs of your uers" are.

Best wishes,

  -- Bill

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