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>> gtk_widget_hide() doesn't do the trick?
> Oh! i didn't think on it...
>> Anyway, it's not considered good style to hide and show widgets. Perhaps
>> you could explain us what exactly you want to achieve?
>> Sven
> Yes; sorry by my bad english: when a progress bar is associated with a
> plugin, it don't dissapear until the plugin finish. I need to close/hide  
> the
> progress bar before the plugin ends its execution. This plugin shows a
> dialog, then the progress bar appears while some files are loaded and
> proccessed, and then we can to start to work on the dialog, but the 100%
> progress bar window still be here and never ends until the plugin ends.  
> If
> you move the dialog to see the image, you have to move the progress bar
> window too. Hiding it  avoids the problem ;)
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Yes you explained it quite well the first time. Despite your rather rough  
English you manage to get your message across ;)

Why do you expect the dialogue to disappear on its own just because you  
set it's position to 100% ? This may be what is required in a general  
context and it would be wrong for it to disappear automatically.

In general if you created an object (widget) and you no longer need it you  
should destroy it rather than hiding it. Otherwise you will probably end  
up with several hidden objects hanging around in memory until the plugin  

If you want to reuse it you could keep it hidden and then bring it back  
but you'd have to check if you have one already.

Since it's a pretty small object it does not really matter but closing it  
would be tidier unless there is a lot of initialisation going that you  
dont want to repeat.


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