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> Yes; sorry by my bad english: when a progress bar is associated with a
> plugin, it don't dissapear until the plugin finish. I need to close/hide the
> progress bar before the plugin ends its execution. This plugin shows a
> dialog, then the progress bar appears while some files are loaded and
> proccessed, and then we can to start to work on the dialog, but the 100%
> progress bar window still be here and never ends until the plugin ends. If
> you move the dialog to see the image, you have to move the progress bar
> window too. Hiding it  avoids the problem ;)

Oh, so you aren't using the gimp_progress_bar API as you said. Your
plug-in is just using the gimp_progress calls, isn't it?

You should consider to add the progress bar to the first dialog that you
present. Instead of relying on GIMP to open a dialog window for you that
shows a progress bar, the progress bar can easily be embedded into the
dialog. libgimp provides GimpProgressBar for that purpose:


Just create this before you do any gimp_progress calls and place it at
the bottom of the first dialog.


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