> Your video shows the blur tool being used on large areas of black color
> and small areas of white color. The average of this is a dark gray. Now
> when you continue to blur, you are mixing a dark gray with black. If you
> go further, you end up with all black.

Well yes that's valid for the one with the small white squares on the
black, so lets disregard that example for now.

But consider a small image with alternating lines of black and white
pixels ("stripes fine" pattern), it should blur to mid gray
(128,128,128) because that is the average of all its pixels, however
instead it blurs to pure black (0,0,0). The image has an even number
of black and white pixels, why should it blur to black and not white?

> But there could very well be rounding errors in the blur tool code.
> There are even most definitely rounding errors as we are only working
> with 8bit per channel and rounding errors are unavoidable then. But
> please take a look at the code and see if there's anything we could
> change to improve this.

Hmm sorry if I knew how to code I would have tried to fix it already. :P

And sorry for the blank email. :)
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