On Wed, 2007-04-25 at 21:09 +0000, Laurent gauvrit wrote:
> I am a little worried about what you said. I can change colors with 
> gimp_context_set_default_colors (void); (and it works) but I don't manage to 
> use the gimp_context_set_paint_method   (const gchar *name); method. I tried 
> this code gimp_context_set_paint_method("gimp-paintbrush");

You can change the context that your plug-in is running in. By default
that's the user context but that's just for historical reasons. Actually
you are supposed to use gimp_context_push() before you use any methods
that alter the context.

> If I can't change the paint method from my plugin, what is the aim of those 
> methods ?

The paint-method is not reflected anywhere in the UI. It only affects
paint operations done through the PDB.

May I ask why you want to change the tool from your plug-in? That
doesn't sound like something a plug-in should be doing and I am curious
as to why you think that it would be useful to be able to do that.


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