Sven you look like a hardworker, thank you so much for answer so quikly!
That I told I try to design an edge detection plugin. This plugin helps the 
user to select an objet on a picture. In first the user select one algorithm 
(like Sobel for example), next the plugin will create 3 layers:
-a copy of the picture to enable the user to fill gaps that block the edge 
-a white picture where the result of the algorithme appears
-a flag layer where the user can draw "in" area and "out" area

the most is done, only the flag must be finish.
I would provide flag 's buttons in my plugin that:
-select automaticly the flag layer (ok no problem)
-active the paint brush tool (the problem!)
-select apropriate color(green for "in" area and red for "ou" area)(an 
another problem)

if you have any secrets gimps tips for help me it'll be wellcome

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