I am not participating in the Libre Graphics Meeting this year. Some of
you know this already but only few people know why I decided to stay at
home this year. There's not much point in discussing this decision but I
think I should at least explain you my reasons.

Last year we met in Lyon and discussed how we can finish GIMP 2.4 and
what to do afterwards. Now, about a year later, we are still at the very
same position and I can not tell you how frustrated and disappointed I
am because of this. GIMP 2.4 is still not ready and we are still lacking
active developers. The plans for after the 2.4 release are made. We
talked about them last year and they are good plans. I feel that
travelling to Canada and repeating last year's agenda would have been a
waste of time and resources. I will instead spend this weekend at home
hacking on GIMP, and hopefully I can remove one or two of the remaining

Good luck to everyone who is now in Montreal, I hope you will have a
good time.


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