Hi Peter,

you have been working on an updated specification for the rectangle
tools in GIMP 2.4. The current state is here:


First of all, could you please move this specification to its own page
and link to it from the specifications page? We will want to have lots
of such specs and the current page is already getting too long.

Then I have some comments. These affect two things, the handles and how
they are drawn and the handling of the cursor keys. Both are aspects
that  already worked pretty well over the last development releases and
it is somewhat unfortunate that you suggest that they are changed again.
But my critiscm is not due to that fact but simply because the suggested
changes feel like a regression.

Martin already implemented aspects of the new corner handles in SVN, so
one can easily try it. When the mouse is moved over a side handle, a
side handle and two corner handles are drawn. If I want to reach the
corner, I aim for the highlighted rectangle. But when my mouse reaches
it, it turns out that what was highlighted as the target area is
actually a dead area and nothing happens when I click and drag there. I
don't think this is acceptable behaviour. The highlighting of the side
and corner handles before the change was much easier to predict. Perhaps
we should go back to that?

The other aspect is not yet implemented. The spec suggests that when the
mouse is over one of the corner or side handles, and one of the cursor
keys is pressed, the rectangle shall be resized by one (shift: 15) image
pixel in that direction and (new) the the canvas shall be scrolled in
such a way that the position of the bounding rectangle under the sprite
shall be constant.

I don't think that scrolling the canvas is a good idea. The reason is
simple. We can't currently scroll beyond the canvas. As soon as that is
changed (probably not for 2.4), we can review this part of the spec. But
currently it would just feel akward. Sometimes the canvas would scroll,
sometimes it wouldn't. For the user it is hard to predict what will
happen. So I suggest that we don't do any scrolling and that a note is
added to the spec that this part should be reviewed when bug #362915 is


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