> On Wed, 2007-07-04 at 21:04 +0200, peter sikking wrote:
>> by using different graphics (stipple) we avoid that these two lines
>> are interpreted as showing corner handles. They don't.
> Well, if they don't show the corner handles, what do they show then?

The exact area where the side handle is sensitive for mouse-over.

This creates a cause-and-effect relationship for the highlight and
helps to stay inside, showing the edge so that you can see that you
are close to the edge.

> And isn't it important to show the corner handles?

Not when highlighting a side handle. The corners have nothing
to do with that.

> The user might be heading for the corners.

Unlikely, since the corridor to get from the centre to a corner
handle is bigger than ever. So chances of unwanted flashing
are lower than ever.

> With the old setup, the corner handles were always
> present, even if the user moved over the side handles when moving
> towards the corners.

No. They never were. Spec and implementation up to now have been that
when a a side handle highlights, no corner handles are shown. This
is to show that you move the whole side, and nothing but the side.

> Now quite often when I try to reach a corner
> handle, the side handle jumps in my way and the target area that I am
> heading for disappears.
> This is slowing me down. A lot. I don't see how this is an  
> improvement.

Not reproducible with svn of noon today.

May I ask if you are really doing graphics work, or trying out the
new rectangle code?

The side handles are fatter, fitting exactly with the corner handles
(the whole purpose in sentence). And they are easier hit, if you are
heading for the side handle. But with 100% predictable new side
handle size and larger go-to-corner corridors, there is no doubt that
this is a real solution for what we are trying to achieve.

Like everything in GIMP I must design for what is most efficient in
the long run. This goes at the cost of having to get the hang of it.


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