Hello and best thanks first,
but it doesn't work correct on my xp-pc with gimp GIMP 2.3.10.
After private consultation with saul some testing and some changes for windows 
(backslash \) now it works fine.
Essential change is, that saul's 
;;         (set! blue  (fmod (aref color-map (+ 2 index)) 256))
doesn't work.
aref brings sometimes negative eg. -51 values. In that case you have to ad 256 
to become the realy color-value for blue.
So I implementet
          (set! blue  (aref color-map (+ 2 index)))
          (if (< blue 0) (set! blue (+ blue 256)))
and it does his job.
I've tested it only under WINXP with Gimp 2.3.10 and also with 2.2.11.

Because of a bug in save-tiff-plugin in gimp 2.3.x (I din't know which was the 
fix) it isn't possible to save black-white (1bit) indexed with older gimp's.
In my 2.3.10 it works fine.

Where can I find Informations about internals of the color-map int8array data 
storage, because I found that negative integer values?


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> color-palette

> I have updated the script  
> (http://flashingtwelve.brickfilms.com/GIMP/Scripts/Temp/save-as-tiff-masks.scm).
>  It now saves as a LZW-compressed  
> ;; Saves a 1-bpp TIFF file for each color of an Indexed image where that
> ;; color is replaced by white and the rest of the image is black.
> ;; The TIFF's filename is derived from the name of the bottom
> ;; layer of the original Indexed image. The RGB color values are
> ;; appended to this name, separated by hyphens.
> ;; An example of an output filename would be
> ;; "Background-10-242-79.tif".
> ;;
> ;; The files (one for each color) are saved in same directory as
> ;; the original image (or to the GIMP invocation directory if a
> ;; new image.
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