Roberto Uhlig wrote:
> but it doesn't work correct on my xp-pc with gimp GIMP 2.3.10.
> aref brings sometimes negative eg. -51 values. In that case you have to ad
> 256 to become the realy color-value for blue. So I implementet (set! blue 
> (aref color-map (+ 2 index))) (if (< blue 0) (set! blue (+ blue 256))) and 
> it does his job. I've tested it only under WINXP with Gimp 2.3.10 and also 
> with 2.2.11.

INT8 and INT8ARRAY used to be signed values but these types were changed
to unsigned a few versions back in the development version of GIMP. They are 
still signed entities in the 2.2 series of GIMP so storing values > 127 will 
read back as negatives.

Aref doesn't return negative values in the current development version of GIMP 
(built from SVN).


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