> Trying to be more specific: If I open an image from my digital camera
> with gimp, adjusts its levels or curves, and re-save it, the saved image
> is very deteriorated. If I do the same with Photoshop that doesn't happen.
> I think it's problem, but let me know if I'm wrong. At least I know that
> I must re-save images from other sources using a higher quality factor.

Interesting, what platform are you using?

Here if I can do say 10 re-saves at 85% quality, it produces no
discernible changes in picture quality.

In fact I have tried to prove that recompressing jpg pictures reduces the
picture quality and got bored doing it at 85% (which btw is the Gimp

However I could degrade quality by repeatedly saving at some lower
quality, like 50%

You should never work on a jpeg, take it in off your camera, save it as an
xcf and when finished, recreate it as a jpeg if you want.


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