On Sat, 07 Jul 2007 21:38:57 +0200, Øyvind Kolås <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

>  the image used in
> the "JPEG Generation Loss" figure in the example in the following text
> uses an image that
> shows how JPEG compression keeps different aspects of the image intact
> across multiple encode/decode cycles:
>  http://pippin.gimp.org/image_processing/chap_dir.html#id2526295
>  /Øyvind K.
> --

yes there does seem to be an issue here. I snipped the "generation 0" part  
of that image did File | Save As...
  then reopened the new version and repeated the save several times.

There is continual degradation. This should not happen with an identical  
image. This seems to suggest that either there is a bug in the compression  
or that the decompression is not producing an identical image from the  
stored data.

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