Hi Scott!

Unfortunately I never found some Gimp Ruby news on a Ruby related site - 
and I've searched a lot.
I'm a bit uncomfortable with Scheme - wrote some simple scripts but if 
it comes more complex I struggle with the Scheme syntax and get knots in 
my brain - outch ;-)

Had a look to Python but never got it running with a Gimp 2.3 win 
version. (After what I read on the net I was a bit discouraged if I as 
graphics artist and linux newbie could mange to get it running on my 
windows notebook - without some advice)

Same with Gimp Ruby - found the source code - but nobody working on it 
or using it... :-(

I use the Gimp 2.3 dev. version on windows and have a linux version 
running in a virtual machine.
I'm highly interested in testing the Gimp Ruby dev. version and would 
help you as much as I can with testing, documentation, sample script's 
and so on...

Please help me to get the wonderful Ruby language running with Gimp - 

hope I can motivate you a bit to contiune working on Gimp Ruby ;-)

best regards

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