Some plug-ins which are left, are not so easy to fix, so some discussion:

* jigsaw -- looks like lot of code would have to be changed to make it
work with GimpZoomPreview correctly. However, I don't understand why
this plug-in would need zoom preview at all. It doesn't do anything
that someone would like to check at high zoom level. My suggestion:
use GimpPreview instead.

* polar, whirlpinch -- both need fetching pixels. Of course, it's
possible to ask core to scale down some part, but I don't think we
would like to do that for each pixel. Efficient solution would be to
scale small regions (tiles) and cache them. For example, lens is doing
that. However, it is not very easy to implement (or copy paste from
somewhere) such functionality and I think such functionality should be
provided by core.
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