On Thu, 2007-07-19 at 11:52 +0300, Aurimas Juška wrote:

> * jigsaw -- looks like lot of code would have to be changed to make it
> work with GimpZoomPreview correctly. However, I don't understand why
> this plug-in would need zoom preview at all. It doesn't do anything
> that someone would like to check at high zoom level. My suggestion:
> use GimpPreview instead.

You probably mean GimpDrawablePreview as GimpPreview is abstract. I
agree that it is probably best to go back to a simple scrollable preview
for this plug-in.

> * polar, whirlpinch -- both need fetching pixels. Of course, it's
> possible to ask core to scale down some part, but I don't think we
> would like to do that for each pixel. Efficient solution would be to
> scale small regions (tiles) and cache them. For example, lens is doing
> that. However, it is not very easy to implement (or copy paste from
> somewhere) such functionality and I think such functionality should be
> provided by core.

The core does the scaling quite efficiently. So unless it turns out to
be a performance problem, I don't see any need to add complex caching to
the plug-ins. If at all, this should be done in the GimpZoomPreview
itself and we can leave that to be done for the time after 2.4.


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