2007/7/19, Axel Wernicke <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:


there are two projects that might interest you:

- there is a project that "ported" the GTK+ backend to OS X, meaning there
is hope to run any GTK application (e.g. GIMP) on OS X without X11 soon.
For more information have a deeper look into the gtk devel mailinglist over
at gtk.org

do you know the name of this project?  In which state (alpha, beta) is it
now? Does it provides a native Mac OS X look?

- there is a project called seashore that build a new Application on OS X
native that is not GIMP but based on its technologies. You can find it at

I've read about Seashore. This is a fork, I was thinking more of an
'official' GIMP version for Mac OS X (like Firefox for Mac). Is this project
using GEGL <http://gegl.org/>?

I for my person would appreciate results from the first project very much :)

Greetings, lexA

Me too. Free Software is very useful as libraries, a GTK version for Aqua
will be very important and make porting to Mac almost trivial.

Greetings ^_^
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