or noone can confirm this?

I wonder a bit why noone seems to pay attention to that bug.
I would like to know if someone can confirm this. For me is it a bit
cumbersome because I use the 'save a copy' dialog very often but it
concerns the save/save as dialog as well.

Here again the bug report maybe a bit more precise:

OS Windows XP SP2

-Select for example 'Save a copy'
-you see in the 'Name' field the current file name - ok so
-expand 'Browse for other folders' and select in 'Places' any folder

Now the 'Name' field on top gets empty which I assume is wrong.

-I browse through all the folder until I have the desired one.

If there is already a file which I would like to overwrite I select the
file - the file appears in the 'Name' field I press 'Save' - file is

If I want to save the file within a session again and I open the 'Save a
copy' dialog the 'Name' field is empty. I can select the file again from
the 'Name' list - no problem. But if the 'Browse for other folders'
option is inactive I can only type in the file name and if I do this a
list drops down which shows the file name multiple times and the list
gets longer and longer which each Save action.

Sorry If this should be the wrong place (GTK issue) but can anybody
confirm this or is this just specific for my own setup / PC
configuration. In the mean time I bought a new PC with Window Media
Center Edition but the bug is still there.
I would say this should be fixed because of upcoming Gimp 2.4 release. 

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