gimp-2.3.19 bas been uploaded to 

Changes in GIMP 2.3.19

- support long layer names in PSD files
- improved EXIF handling in the JPEG file plug-in
- added control for the playback speed in the Animation Playback plug-in
- avoid needless image preview invalidation
- allow to edit the image comment in the Image Properties dialog
- further improved rectangle tools
- made JPEG save parameters user-configurable
- avoid color conversions between identical ICC color profiles
- improved Print plug-in
- improved loading and saving of indexed TGA images
- bug fixes and code cleanup

We are getting ready for the 2.4 release. There are still some issues
but I hope that we can solve them over the next days. I would like to
get a release candidate out in a week or two.

We need any help we can get. Jimmac is working on the revamped website
and we would like to switch over to it with the 2.4.0 release. I guess
he would also very much appreciate some help with it.

Let's get this going and finally get 2.4 out of the door.


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