things are progressing, but there's still a lot to do. Here's an updated
list for you:

78265 Add support for ICC color profiles

  There are still some things left to be done in the lcms plug-in.
  Also there is room for optimizations. More precisely caches for
  profiles and transformations should be added to the LCMS color
  display module.

156905 GimpAspectPreview doesn't respect the layer offset and ca...

  I believe that this one can be fixed using the existing API. We
  should definitely try to fix it in 2.4 but it doesn't need to
  block the release.

349340 Alt behaves incorrectly for new rectangle/ellipse selecti...

  Should probably be looked at. We should get the interaction right
  for the 2.4 release and not change it later unless absolutely needed.

355545 fixing the aspect ratio for crop tool 

  Martin is making good progress on this one.

356716 GimpZoomPreview is broken in some plug-ins

  There are two more plug-ins that need to be fixed. Probably some low
  hanging fruits...

374854 possible optimizations in Script-Fu 

  This one can possibly be closed or moved from the milestone. Waiting
  for a comment from Kevin.

387604 print plug-in needs more work 

  I have done some further UI changes since the last update and there
  is still one tiny change that I would like to do. There are however
  still problems printing to remote printers. Might be a GTK+ bug.

417166 Default ratio for crop tool is 1:1 instead of <current la... 

  Martin is working on this one.

438997 Output on stdout when using script-fu console

  Looks like a low-hanging fruit. Some help from Kevin would be

459518 Channel preview becomes black when the channel is deselected

  No idea how we can fix this one without reverting a lot of changes
  that I really would not want to revert. Perhaps we can keep it for
  2.4 as a small regression and try to fix it later.


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