Hello all,

Here is another way I thought I could give some form of
"extensibility" to a plugin user. Say, that I want my plugin to be a
single entry point to all the Image processing operations possible
with GIMP. What I do is display all the GIMP functions to the Plugin
user via the Plugin User Interface(GUI). Then the user selects the
operation that is to be performed and the plugin sets off to do the
necessary job.

I am assuming here that the functions of the GIMP that I list for the
user is only those for which there exists a API entry in the libGimp.
In the background when the user selects a particular operation, the
corresponding API function is called. This is of course an assumption
to simplify the thought process.

Am i thinking in a way that could possibly be implemented? or is the
word "extensible" remotely applicable to my idea?

Waiting for your comments!

Amit Kumar Saha
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