I'm writing after found an enhancement request: Bug 392613 – seamless
texture painting: draw tool "warping across" image border (

I have few ideas to write about that, and here is the best place for it
(since Bugzilla isn't for that, right?).

If the main problem to edit seamless textures is the image border, the easy
solution is to offset all the image, so the the work area is always full
But actually (at least in Gimp 2.3.18) Shift+Control+O only offset the
actual layer, and is not very fast to offset every single layer each time I
wanna "draw on the border".

So my 2 cents:
1) an shortcut like NumPadUP, NumPadDOWN, NumPadLEFT, NumPadRIGHT to offset
the image 10% (maybe shift+numpad offset 1%) on direction.
2) a most robust solution (harder to implement), is to create another option
in MoveToolOptions to offset the image with DragAndDrop. Maybe some alert if
some layer is bigger then full image.

Thanks for your time,
Regards from Brazil,
Dalai Felinto

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