I've installed 2.4RC3 and found a strange logic of monitor profile use.  
I had my monitor profile assigned in RC2 and had no system-wide 
assigned  profile. So I deinstalled RC2, installed RC3 and found out 
GIMP was not using monitor profile despite the fact it remained assigned 
in the drop down list. The things changed when I had unchecked the 
checkbox "Try to use system color profile".

I guess it is the wrong logic.  If the checkbox is checked, GIMP should 
search for system assigned profile and  if it exists, use it regardless 
the profile which has been selected in GIMP combobox. But if no system 
profile exists, GIMP should use its own selected profile. Even the 
checkbox label says "Try to use...", not "Use". This is logical and 
And if system profile is used, it should be shown somewhere in the color 
management dialog  by adding system profile to the combobox and 
selecting it.

With respect
Alexander Rabtchevich

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