I've already sent this mail several weeks ago, but didn't get much
feedback except for some vague offers for help. Since we are now close
to actually releasing GIMP 2.4.0, we should probably have a look at this
list again.

Since I have been away for some weeks, I don't really know how much of
this has already happened. It would be nice if someone could give me and
the other people subscribed here a short update on the state of the new

Here's a list of things that would be nice to have for the 2.4.0
release, in addition to the actual release tarball. Help with these
tasks would be very much appreciated. Please volunteer.

- new website
  Jimmac and others are working on that. I guess they would appreciate
  more help. Please join gimp-web list if you want to contribute.

- release notes
  There are release notes being prepared with the new website. Would
  be cool if some people could help to update and extend this document

- press release
  Not sure if that is needed but we used to do that for GIMP 2.2. But
  perhaps that work is better spend on the release notes on the new
  web pages.

- announcement
  This should be ascii text that can be sent to mailing-lists. It should
  include links to the mirrors for download and to the release notes on
  the web-site. Of course also to the press release in case that we do

- migration howto
  A document, perhaps as part of the new website, describing how
  to migrate from GIMP 2.2 to 2.4. Should mention dependencies that
  need to be updated. Also tell people that plug-ins for 2.2 should
  continue to work. Suggest that users of gimp-gap update this plug-in 
  to version 2.2.2. Also mention the switch to Tiny-Fu and the fact that
  scripts might need to be updated. Perhaps also link to the 2.4 API
  reference manual on developer.gimp.org and point developers
  to the lists of new symbols in 2.4.

- script-fu migration howto
  A document, perhaps as part of the new website, that explains what
  needs to be done to fix scripts that fail to run correctly with
  GIMP 2.4. Perhaps also explain new features in 2.4 that are relevant
  for script authors. Point to documentation for Tiny-Fu.

Are there other things that we should/need to prepare? Release parties


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