Sorry to disturb you all...
     I'm using a plugin that has a preview in its main window. The preview
is so small on my screen that I can't really see any of the adjustements.
So, I would like to optionally make the preview bigger.
     I had a quick look at the code and the documentation. At first glance,
it would seem that I would need to replace the "gimp_drawable_preview" with
the "gimp_zoom_preview". However, the preview is updated via
gimp_drawable_preview_draw_region(), and this call does not seem to exist
for the "gimp_zoom_preview".
     So, I guess I would need to combine the "gimp_drawable_preview" and
"gimp_zoom_preview" in some fashion, or find if there exist a
"gimp_drawable_zoom_preview" object.
     Does anybody has some useful suggestions ?

     Thanks in advance...

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