On Friday 19 October 2007 07:57:26 pm Nemes Ioan Sorin wrote:
> Vladimir,
> things are in change, nothing can be done over night.

I'm aware of that. I didn't want to sound like pushing someone to do 
something. If I did, then sorry... (but I'm not even in position for doing 
things like that)

> I found a lot of ...let say "...here could be better" in few areas - but
> I prepare my material and my studies for the guys which work right now
> for GIMP UI redesign.

Oh, well... I can't find my "proposal" to be bug or/and feature request. So I 
didn't open ticket in tracker. It's not UI redesign neither. It's more like, 
as I've said, inconsistency... :) But that's more like subjective 
classification.... :)

I threw it in on mailing list. If developers/users think I need to fill 
report, I'll gladly do that.

> Please consider following links:
> http://gimp-brainstorm.blogspot.com/
> http://gui.gimp.org/index.php/GIMP_UI_Redesign
> See you there,

As soon as I do some redesign proposition, I'll catch you there.


> Sorin
> Vladimir Savic wrote:
> > As I can see, GIMP UI is undergoing some minor cleanups in svn version.
> > Just two observations. Nothing major. :)
> > I've noticed that only Smudge Tool doesn't have brush scaling, which is
> > just inconsistent to to other tools.
> > And second one is about Pressure sensitivity. Opening that tab could
> > align it's sub-options vertically not just horizontally (if tool window
> > width is too small, of course). As is right now, everything fits into
> > window here, but hitting the expand arrow brings sliders which can easily
> > destroy window's layout.
> >
> > Regards,
> > Vlada

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