On Fri, 2007-10-19 at 21:21 +0200, Vladimir Savic wrote:

> I've noticed that only Smudge Tool doesn't have brush scaling, which is just 
> inconsistent to to other tools. 

This is not an oversight. The Smudge tool doesn't handle changes to the
brush size currently. There's already a bug report for that.

> And second one is about Pressure sensitivity. Opening that tab could align 
> it's sub-options vertically not just horizontally (if tool window width is 
> too small, of course). As is right now, everything fits into window here, but 
> hitting the expand arrow brings sliders which can easily destroy window's 
> layout.

We use a GtkWrapBox there and it is known to not work perfectly. I have
adjusted the aspect ratio now and this seems to improve it at least for
my setup. But we really need a better solution. Hopefully the new GTK+
layout model (see http://rapicorn.org/cmpgtk.html#resizing-hysteresis)
can help us with this.


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