so it looks like we should toss some ideas around here on the
mailing-list to get an idea what could be our goals for 2.6. Let me just
propose a few things for discussion:

- Port internals to GEGL

  We are pretty sure that we want to do this but we need a more
  thorough proposal of what exactly should be done for 2.6 and how
  we want to proceed beyond that. As far as I know Mitch has some plans
  made for this, so I will let him lay out the details.

- Port display drawing to Cairo

  We could have done this in the last development cycle already but
  postponed it in order to get 2.4 out of the door. This should be
  pretty much straightforward. The idea is to get away from using the
  GDK drawing routines to Cairo. This should allow us to get away
  from XOR drawing and it will open a lot of possibilities for tool
  improvements (half-transparent overlays for example). Again, this
  needs to be fleshed out in more details.

- Add named parameters and default values to the PDB

  The idea is to introduce an alternative PDB API that has named
  parameters and default values. That would make scripting a lot
  easier and it would allow us to add parameters w/o breaking the API.
  Since we would have to maintain the old API as well, we wouldn't
  have to implement this all the way for 2.4.

I am sure that we can also do a lot of user-visible changes and add
smaller features here and there. Those do not absolutely need to be on
the roadmap though. 


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