I would like to propose another project. Whether we want this for 2.6 or
later pretty much depends on whether we find someone who wants to work
on this. But I think we absolutely need this if we want to improve our
user interface.

What I am talking about is size entries. Widgets that allow the user to
specify a size either in pixels, physical units or relative to some
other size. Such widgets usually show up in groups and the relationship
between them needs to be considered as well. We currently have a widget
for this and it is

 (a) cumbersome and error-prone to use from a developer point of view

 (b) cumbersome to use from a user point of view

 (c) ugly and needlessly large

It would be great if we could develop something to replace all our size
entries. We want something that is flexible enough to cover the complex
cases (see for example the Print Size dialog or the SVG import plug-in),
but it should still be straight-forward to use for the simple case.

We definitely need an architecture here that follows a model-view
concept. Code that deals with changes to sizes shouldn't have to care
about the widget that the user actually deals with. At some point I have
experimented with something into this direction. The result is
GimpUnitStore and GimpUnitComboBox as found in the app/widgets
directory. Definitely far from what we need, but perhaps looking at this
code can give some ideas about how one could tackle the problem.

On the user interface side we would want a variety of widgets that can
be used with the size models. Scales/sliders should be supported as well
as spin-buttons with unit menus and entries that allow the user to input
text such as "4.5 cm".

I think it is important to first get a very good idea of what the
requirements are. It would be good to have a list of use cases and a
pretty good specification of the user interface. Then we can think about
a model to cover this.


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