Martin Nordholts ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> I'm currently interested in looking into this, mostly because I think
> this needs a clean solution before I will be able to cleanly finalize
> the GimpRectangleTool.

I have a prototypeish parser running here, specified with yacc:

$ ./parseunit
2m + 3in
Result: 2.076200 m
40cm / 2in
Result: 7.874000
2m * 3ft
syntax error
2m * 3ft / 2in
Ergebnis: 35.998171 m

It kind of tries to track the dimension of the value entered and
currently bails out for dimensions > 2. Not very reliable but it might
help for a good start of the parser.

If you're curious I'll put the code online somewhere.

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