> Currently, GIMP tries to do a bit of both in the same jpeg plug-in and
> does not do either of them correctly:
Raphael: These subjects were discussed before in the list when I ranted 
about almost the same.
Since that some changes were made in the jpeg plug-in for GIMP 2.4.0 and 
imo they covered the real issues very well (now the plugin uses the 
existing quality instead of hopelessly destroying the original file 
changing its quality to 85).
Anyway, I agree that the default quality for new images (85) is kinda 
low. Something between 90/93 should be better for the default value.
The plugin already offers the possibility to change that setting in the 
first save (and better, the plugin lets you set a new default clicking a 
single button). So it's not a big deal.
Another aspect I would suggest to change is the default subsampling. 
1x1,1x1,1x1 (the best quality) is imo the better choice, because it 
gives a larger file, but much better quality. As this setting is hide 
under the "advanced options" tag, for the regular user it would be 
better if the best quality is provided, instead of the the best compression.
Best compressions is an optimization. If you need a smaller file, it's a 
nice option. But regular users (user case: Jane wants to make minor 
adjustments of brightness and contrast images and remove red eyes on her 
birthday party) will expect the best quality by default.
That's why I think the default values should be changed. About the rest 
of the current plugin interface, it looks just fine for me.

You just mentioned PS. They chose these settings by default (higher 
quality and better subsampling). People (like myself the first time) 
tend to believe that PS offers better quality because of that. That's 
not true and simply changing the default values should help to destroy 
that false claiming.
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