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> I tend to think that it should be moved to the display of the image to
> make it easier to fluently change the view/zoom on the image without
> interrupting the current workflow.
> --> UI team
> Bye,
>         Simon

That makes a lot of sense. It should be a one-off event. Like all the View  
| Zoom entries, you select it , it does it's job and good-bye, back to  
where you were.

This is clearly more a view setting than a tool. It's in the tool menu  
because it's a tool (in certain aspects of it's code) not because it acts  
like a tool from a task oriented POV. It is in reality a view option. It  
seems rather incongruous that this does not appear on the view menu.

If and when it does , it should probably go at the top. It seems much more  
intuitive to grab the bit you want than to guess whether 15 or 18% would  
be better for what you want to see and how it would center.

The number of entries in View|Zoom itself suggests some key functionality  
is missing. I think that gap is the zoom tool, let's call it "Select Zoom".

It would be worth considering a separte entry in the view menu rather than  
burying this one more level down. It's too useful to require complex  
scrolling of submenus.

View | Select Zoom nice and fast, View | Zoom for all the gritty details  
and specifics like Fit to window.

   Good thinking Simon.

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