>From the ChangeLog:

2007-11-09  Øyvind Kolås  <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

        Upgraded GEGL from (L)GPLv2 to (L)GPLv3. The library itself and the
        operations are under LGPLv3 and the sample programs using the GEGL
        library are licensed under GPLv3. Copyright statements in all files
        have been updated to reflect this change, the permission to use leter
        versions of the GNU licenses have been retained in all instances.)

        * COPYING: changed to GPLv3
        * COPYING.LESSER: added (LGPLv3 's exceptions over GPLv3)

This has no impact on GIMPs usage of GEGL as since GIMP is licensed under GPLv2+
and can thus start adopting GEGL before deciding whether to upgrade from
from GPLv2+ to GPLv3+.

/Øyvind K.
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