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>So here is a short list of what I think makes sense to include in XCF
>- All image parasites and layer/drawable parasites.  They should all
>  be persistent - no reason to have exceptions.

The problem is that when a parasite gets saved, it becomes in effect
a part of the API that must be supported forever.  For example, in
a GFig layer, the contents of the figure are contained in a layer parasite.
If the parasite is permanent, then (1) every future version of GFig must
be able to read it without borking, and (2) every future version must write
parasites that don't cause past versions to bork.  This sort of thing may
make sense for stable releases, but during development it is often a
great convenience to be able to experiment with formats without every
attempt being a commitment that will bind you forever.

  -- Bill

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