On 11/10/2007 08:01:39 AM, Sven Neumann wrote:
> On Fri, 2007-11-09 at 21:04 -0800, Tom Lechner wrote:
> > 1. Angled Linear Guides
> > Double click on a line defines a center of rotation.
> Double-clicking doesn't work for this. Apart from the fact that we
> don't use double-click at all in the GIMP user interface, it is also
> extremely difficult to define a position precisely this way.
> If we really need angled guides, then there's needs to be a way move 
> the center of rotation precisely.

I don't understand the double click prohibition. Seeing as how the 
mouse barely moves during a double click, how is that less precise than 
a single click? Anyway, if you are one pixel off, you can still move 
the thing. If double click is out of the question, then have control-
click define the center point.

When moving a normal guide, it says something like "Move Guide: 34". 
Angled guides would need position and angle. When the angle is not a 
multiple of 90 degrees, the status bar would simply say something like 
"Guide: angle: 23.5, position: 100,50". The position could be listed as 
a point on the x or y axis, or it would be the center point. That seems 
precise to me. 

>> 2. Guides based on any path

> There's "Snap to Active Path" already, so what extra functionality 
> would guides add?

Well, I learn something new every day! The only thing added would be a 
slightly easier way to get to editing that path from the move tool. 
Currently, unless I'm missing something simple again, you must select 
the path tool, then click down on the path, assuming you can find it, 
then edit it. If a path is used as a guide, then it might be helpful to 
have that graphically indicated in a style similar to current guides: 
dashed and colored.  

I still think this could be expanded to provide progressive path guides 
to provide something like Inkscape's engravers tool. This would mean 
not just snapping the center of a tool to the line, but also optionally 
the edge of the outline of a brush, then using the line just drawn as 
the snap guide for a new line. Using permanent paths a la "Snap to 
active path" would not be very useful in this case, as it would clutter 
up your list of real paths with temporary ones.

> Actually I think that "Snap to Active Path" is good enough for
> everything that you would use angled guides for. It basically makes
> angled guides superfluous.

Perhaps! But less convenient in some cases.

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