I saved these notes for when there was a 2.6, but then got swamped with
other things...  I can flesh them out more, but I'm not likely to have
time to do any programming in the forseeable future, I'm afraid.

selction optimization
    on subtracting (e.g. control is pressed), compute
    the bounding box of the current selection (including the
    feather radius) and don't try & go outside it with the new one;
    you see this if you're using select-by-colour or the magic wand,
    say, and you have to wait ages for it to calculate the selection
    over a 500MByte image... images are getting bigger faster than
    computers are getting faster right now.

    Create open file previews even if layer previews are off
    Allow the user to reset a single pref. category, nut just everything

    show more detailed times and dates on files

in tip of the day, "learn more" links to documentation and to
tutorials in the manual

in the undo window (I hope to do some pictures of this)
    "creative explorer"?
    click on image state, transitions shown between
    Right now to undo something you have to click on the previous
    operation -- e.g:
    create a new image, paint, then erase, Undo History looks like
    [thumb1] Base Image
    [thumb2] PaintBrush
    [thumb3] Eraser  <-- this is selected

    so to undo the Eraser you click on the Paintbrush. Duh.
    The icons should show image states:
    [thumb1] Base Image
    [thumb3] <-- selected

    Now it's obvious what clicking thumb2 means.

    And look!  there's the possibility of making a tree: suppose
    I click on thumb2 and now instead of redoing Eraser I do Curves...

    [thumb1] Base Image
       |     Eraser
       | [thumb3]


    (apologies for the bad ascii tree here)

    The undo history could also show more detail, e.g. scale to 25%,
    where it makes sense, and also show when files were saved and
    to what name.
    This also leads to the idea of "redo select but add to selection
    instead of subtract" if you right-click
    (e.g. "redo with current tool options")

    and maybe "clear undo up to this point"

quickmask to work wih red mask even in grayscale images

    when you use shift to make a straight line, draw two lines, showing
    the outline of the brush (tangents), not just one line.

    when you change hardness/size, e.g. with a keystroke or by pressing
    harder, show the actual brush in place for a moment

    filter brushes - paint with a filter (Krita has this by the way)

    justify-both doesn't seem to work, probably because there's no
    obvious way to control line length.


    access to opentype features (e.g. small caps)

    access to arbitrary glyphs

    hung punctuation

    etc etc :-)

plugins and filters

        show the Hue by the Hue slider, or use a colour picker

    merge visible layers
        if all layers are the same size, and the
        same size as the image, don't ask
        whether to clip them.

    condense/stretch font

    retain textness on image scaling and layer scaling

    automatic white balance - allow the user to pick black and
    white points

    rename Image->crop image to Image->Crop to Selection
    same with layer->crop

    want to be able to specify what's meant by midtones, highlight, etc.
    really, want a "curves brush".

    the doge tool is usually most effective if you make lots of
    short, separate strokes.

    select radius...

    "auto" loses detail by default; change so it doesn't, but
    maybe have a "highlight and depth crop amount" of 3%
Sorry these are awfully terse.  Sending them rather than not send
them... can file individual bugzillae or messages if it makes sense.

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