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> Sven Nwumann wrote:
>> Nice to remind us of some issues but we are not going to put user wishes
>> on our roadmap. It is rather distracting to post user wishes to the
>> developer list. People here should be aware of the shortcomings and

Should be maybe but apparently aren't otherwise they would never have been  
designed in in the first place. This is the problem with a code centred  
definition of development.

>> without being a developer, your opinion is just one of many users.
>> But let's look at some of your suggestions nevertheless...
> Dear Sven:
> What I suggested are not "my wishes". I'm a professional designer and
> GIMP is a tool for my work. The things that I wrote are issues that make
> my work more difficult, while they shouldn't.
> I tried to describe problems in a common workflow that need to be
> solved, not specific requests of my preference. I'm not asking for a
> save for web plugin, a "slicer" tool, or a plugin for a specific
> application. They're simple annoyances that make using gimp less
> effective for common tasks of image manipulation

I find it rather arrogant to presume that those who can code are the only  
ones who can contribute to development and as a consequence anyone who can  
code is also an authority on graphic design and UI implementation.

One of the main reasons for the poor state of gimp UI and many of it's  
other short-comings is this blinkered idea that unless you can code and  
are familiar with GTK+ Glib et al you cannot contribute.

Codeing is clearly the core activity, it is necessary but NOT sufficient.

It is just this kind of input that has been lacking (or systematically  
rejected) in the design process.

Thanks for your contribution.

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