Shin Diggar wrote:
> Sorry, I'm not a programmer so I wouldn't know how to do this myself but I'd 
> like to suggest a new feature for the fill tool.
> How about an option to use the cursor position as a start point for tiling 
> fill-patterns rather than the top left corner of the layer? Perhaps this 
> could be greyed-out when fill mode is set to colours rather than patterns.
> I still want the whole layer/selection filled, but wherever the cursor is 
> when I click it is where the top-left pixel of the filling pattern should be 
> aligned to.
> I'd find this useful sometimes, would anyone else?

That sounds like a sane idea to me, but it's a sad to add another tool
option for this. Would be great if you could figure out a way to add
support for this without adding another tool option. You could try
turning to for input.

Martin Nordholts
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